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Notice of International Training Workshop on Resource & Environment Scientific Data Sharing and Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service along the Belt and Road

Publisher: CPJRC

time: 2022-11-07

Time:20-24 Nov, 2022

On-line (Zoom)


Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS


  1. International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology under the Auspices of UNESCO (IKCEST)

  2. China-Pakistan Joint Research Center on Earth Sciences (CPJRC)

  3. National Earth System Science Data Center

  4. WDC for Renewable Resources and Environment

Language: English


This program is aimed at providing technical training for pushing the resources and environmental data sharing along the Belt and Road Initiative. By so doing, to establish resources and environment data sharing system to serve cooperation in larger scope, and improve the ability of disaster risk and reduction knowledge services. In the meantime, this program will contribute to the talent pool of the Alliance of International Science Organizations along the Belt and Road Region, provide fundamental data for international collaborative research, and promote the regional disaster risk reduction and sustainable development capacity.


  1. Data sharing platform architecture and technologies

  2. Data governance and processing standards and technologies

  3. Big data support the regional sustainable development practices

  4. Disaster risk reduction knowledge service applications

  5. International cooperation on disaster risk and reduction

Class capacity

This training targets those foreign young scientists, scholars, engineering or officials who have been engaged in related research or work.

How to apply


Director of the workshop

Prof. Wang Juanle,

Contact of the workshop

Ms. Yuelei Yuan,

Ms. Yating Shao,